Hi to all you bloggers out there, hope your day is going well.

Let me introduce myself and this blog.

My name is Ash and this is my first attempt at a blog – excluding those social networking sites of the past. I’m in my third year at university and this blog is actually a requirement of the journalism course I am studying. Naturally I was a little scared when the term ‘politics’ was used in conjunction with ‘blog content’ but since then I have learnt that politics is not just the comings and goings of parliament.

So this blog will be focused on the social and political concerns of that wonderful and terrible substance we call food. This topic was born out of my decision to get off the couch and finally join the gym, opposite my arch enemy – Blockbuster. Well that and the fact I just finished off the remainder of the chocolate chips I was planning to make cookies out of.

It seems everyone I know has a love/hate relationship with food and is trying to do something about it. So I thought I would help get their legs moving and comment on some of the online media articles out there about food and its consequences…