Fat or Fit Camp?

Teen Fit Camp Contestants. Picture Courtesy of Granada Productions


It seems that not only is there an increased health risk associated with obesity, but there is also an increased revenue stream.  From dieting books, DVDs and CDs, there is also pills, programs and food supplements.  But now the focus in on ‘fat camps’ to reduce the bulge in children.

Last year the documentary series, Teen Fit Camp, aired in Australia on Channel Ten and followed six overweight Aussie teenagers to a fitness camp in the US.  Initially the documentary was titled Teen Fat Camp but the marketing team made the change to the more sensitive Teen Fit Camp Ratings were poor and it quickly plummeted from prime-time TV to a Sunday afternoon slot.

Although the show was attempting to promote weight loss and raise awareness about obesity in children, it was slammed for exploitation.

Recently UK based online magazine, Sp!ked, published an article on the increasing number of ‘fat camps’ opening in Britain.  The article titled, The state-sanctioned bullying of fat kids, suggested that the government was lending a hand in isolating overweight children and helping make them feel ashamed.

“This week, officialdom’s war against fat children was stepped up a mark. The government revealed that, starting in the next school term, parents will be sent ‘fat reports’ on their children.”

The authors, Patrick Basham and John Luik, cannot understand why the British government is promoting fat camps when they are hardly succeeding in their parent country, America.

“Why is business so bad in America, the world leader in fat children and obsessive parenting? Because the dirty little secret of fat camps is that they do not work.”  

Despite this fact, the first fat camp for overweight children under five – Too Fat to Toddle, was opened in Britain last year.

Although there are no ‘fat camp’ listings in the Yellow Pages yet, it’s only a matter of time before we see them dipping into Australian pockets.  Ryan Craig, the president of the Wellspring Camp the Teen Fit Camp kids were sent to, told The Sydney Morning Herald that he hopes the show will “raise enough awareness about his camps that it can extend to Australia” as it did in Britain.


4 responses to “Fat or Fit Camp?

  1. omg! i know why the show was cut -because it was crap! the comedy tv show ‘the wedge’ totally took the piss out of it by calling it ‘the fat c_ _t’…

    and we totally need fat camps in oz! so i think that would be a good idea!

  2. totally agree,

    fast food has become a massive obsession, and im sick of the whole fuss about it!!

    i remember back when i was at highschool and how ‘kool’ it was to hang out at the local country maccas, or spend your savings (earnings from your little part time/casual job prob at a fast food chain too) on food that keep you occupied because you had nothing else to do except eat and talk to those ‘kool’ kids in the street.

    and to think now, back to those days where you thought your school mates with the packet of chips or maccas they had picked up on their lunchbreak were so much ‘kooler’ then yourself….

    what were we all thinking, why has fast food had such an impact on our lives.

    its no ‘kool’ kids!!..look at yourselves in the mirror..and you will see the problem.

  3. just to add to my ranting and raving, and to clarify what im trying to say…

    kids need to be educated properly and need to eat right, and by putting them in fat camps, giving them some direction in life they will understand what they are doing is wrong, and has huge side effects for later life..

    we need to be thinking about our future cos its in there hands…not there stomach!

  4. If you educate these kids now about healty eating they will then pass their knowledge onto their children, cutting our obese rate down.

    I believe in educating the parents first then the children will eat healty.

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